large poultry feed mill machine

A poultry feed mill machine is definitely an industrial setup that manufactures and packs feed pellets for different poultry like chickens, ducks and cattle. For medium or large scale poultry feed production, poultry feed mill with ring die is an ideal choice for you. It can compress chippings of corn, soybean meal, straw, grass, rice husk and other materials into feed pellets. The applications of poultry feed mill machinery handle the problems of how to reduce the cost of feed and how to meet the nutrition need of different poultry.

Poultry Feed Mill Machine with Ring Die

poultry feed mill machine poultry feed mill machine
KMPM420 Poultry Feed Mill Machine KMPM35 Poultry Feed Mill Machine
poultry feed mill machine poultry feed mill machine
KMPM25 Poultry Feed Mill Machine

    Main Features of Poultry Feed Mill Machine:

   &. Main transmission adopts double belt drive;
   &. The ring die uses excellent alloy steel and advanced quick-release anchorear;
   &. Equipped with import steam automatic adjustment system to adjust temperature constantly;
   &. Feed tempering device is made from full stainless steel and utilizes frequency control to ensure high quality of feed pellets;
   &. The rotational parts of poultry feed mill machine choose high quality bearing made Japan and Sweden to guarantee efficiency transmission and low noise;

Technical Parameters:

Model Main motor power(kw) Capacity(t/h) Feeder motor power(kw) Conditioner motor power(kw) Ring die diameter(mm) Pellet size(mm)
KMPM25 15/18.5 0.5-1.5 0.75 2.2 250 Ø2-Ø8
KMPM35 55 2-8 1.5 2.2 350 Ø2-Ø8
KMPM420 110 3-12 1.5 5.5 420 Ø2-Ø8
KMPM520 150 4-20 1.5 7.5 520 Ø2-Ø8

The poultry feed mill with ring die is a high efficient machine for poultry feed pelletizing. It mainly consists of feeding device, pace plate, press chamber transmission system, overload protection and electrical control system. While ring die and press roller are the main components so as to make the pellets. When pretreatment materials enter into the press chamber by the inclined channel, and materials will be pushed into holes of ring die under great pressure.  Last, the final products feed pellets will be cut into uniform size by cutter. After cooling, in order to store and transport, you can pack them with packing machine.

Some Details for Poultry Feed Mill Machine

paddle details ring die details
Paddles Inside Conditioner Alloyed Stainless Steel Ring Die
press roller and die pelletizing assembly
Roller-die Gap Adjust System Pelletizing Assembly

KMEC has dedicated to the design and development of poultry feed mill machine for over ten years. Owing to excellent quality, high efficiency and advanced technology, our poultry feed mill machineries have get high reputation all over the world. Welcome to contact us and know more about the poultry feed mill machine or other machines.