cattle feed mill

Are you puzzled how to make cattle feed pellets to help your cattle grow healthier and faster? Do your face the problem: it is hard to match the feed materials for cattle? Purchasing a cattle feed mill can solve all the problems you face easily. Cattle feed mill is one kind of machinery manufactured by KMEC. It is widely used to process raw materials into feed pellets for cattle in the cattle plant. In order to achieve the commercial purpose, cattle feed producton usually selects large cattle feed mill with ring die. Our cattle feed mill has been innovated so as to ensure feed quality production with rich nutritious. Usually this kind of machine has a high capacity between 1 ton and 20 ton per hour. Meanwhile, the cattle feed mill is steel structure , less floor space and technology layout is reasonable.

Cattle Feed Mill with Ring Die

KMPM520 cattle feed mill

Technical Parameters:

Model Main motor power(kw) Capacity(t/h) Feeder motor power(kw) Conditioner motor power(kw) Ring die diameter(mm) Pellet size(mm)
KMPM520 150 4-20 1.5 7.5 520 Ø2-Ø8

Although the cattle feed machinery is not enough, you need to equip with other cattle feed equipments. For example, raw materials need to be crushed by hammer mill for further process; then raw materials are transferred into feed mill mixer to mix evenly ; And simple liquid adding machine is use for addition of nutrition to improve feed quality and output before pelletizing. When the feed pellets get out of the cattle feed mill, the feed pellets should be cooled by counterflow cooler. Finally, to avoid humid and break, you need to pack feed pellets with packing machine for strorage and transportation. Therefore, cattle feed manufacturing plant is a complex project for you and the cost of investment will large. 

The Process of Making Cattle Feed Pellets and  Key Cattle Feed Equipments:

cattle feed pellets processing

However, the application of cattle feed mill can solve the raw materials to the small columned pellets as well as it is easy to digest for the cattle. Generally speaking, feed materials for cattle are sufficient, for instance peanut seedling, grass, maize straw, wheat straw, grain, wheat bran etc. Hence, cattle feed keeps an increasing impetus for cattle breeding industries and farmers. In additon, it will not increase extra income of farmers but handle the storage of agro-wastes.

Cattle Feed Pellets:

cattle feed pellets feed pellets for cattle
Cattle Feed Pellets Cattle are eating feed pellets.