pig feed mill

Pig feed mill has been familar to people today and it has practical value during making pig feed pellets process, because the feed pellets can improve the absorption and digestion of hogs. With the tendency of producing feed pellets, lots of people plan to purchase pig pellet mill. In particular, pig feeding equipment with flat die is suitable for home use or small scale production. The flat die pig feed mill is mainly used for family who has own pig farm. On the one hand, owning a pig pellet mill can make own pig feed for pigs; On the other hand, we can save much time to do other things and make the agro-wastes into treasure.

ZLSP-D 120B pig feed mill Model: ZLSP-D 120B pig feed mill with electric motor
Power: Three phase 3/single phase 2.2 (kw)
Output: 60-120kg/h
Weight: 80-100 kg
Package size: 750*320*680 mm

  The small pig pellet mill has a greatest merit:
  &. Compact structure and light weight.
  &. It is known to all that the size and portability much smaller and easier than ring die.
  &. Moreover, it can be moved freely and easily. If who want to make own pig feed pellets, small pig feed mill is an ideal option.
  &. Our pig feed mill used high standard alloy steel and high quality motor to extend the life span of the machine.

The pig pellet mill can process all kinds of materials into feed pellets and the final pellets are uniform and smooth, the pellets diameter is from 1.5-8mm, length is from 5-20mm, they are high density, convenient for transportation.

Pig Feed Pellets:

pig feed pellets pig feed pellets