Poultry Feed Mill

Your poultry feed mill quality is good or not?

Maybe you have bought a feed mill for poultry yet or maybe you plan to buy one but do you know how to identify the quality of feed mill is good or not? The quality of the poultry feed machine is very important, so you need to consider the quality of the mill before purchasing.

How Much Do You Know About Poultry Feed Mill?

Poultry feed mill equipment can be used in the milling and briquetting various feed pellets for poultry. The whole milling procedure includes raw material crushing section, drying section, pellet feed milling section. The raw material can be corn, wheat, broomcorn, soybean or other mixture of crops. During milling, the nutrition of feed pellets will not lose.

Several Kinds of Poultry Feed Mill
Our poultry feed mill can be Driven By Electric Motor/Diesel Engine/ Gas Powered/Tractor And Diesel + Electric Starting Key.
Ring die and flat die poultry pellet mill:

Adopt high-precision gear driven, advanced flexible coupling, for high productive efficiency.

  • Main driving adopt imported SKF ( NSK) bearing and NAK oil seal, Siemens Motor.
  • Frequency converter control feeder flow, full stainless steel feeder, cover and chute .
  • Full stainless steel lengthened conditioner. Both paddle and shaft are made of stainless steel.
  • Double or three layer jacketed conditioners can be installed to produce livestock and aquatic feed.

Ring Die Feed Mill Flat Die Feed Mill

We are the Professional Poultry Feed Mill Supplier
Reason 1: We have All Kinds of Certifications of Our Products

KMEC is a leading poultry feed mill manufacturer who has already sold many products all over the world. Our of our poultry have CE & ISO9001 certifications.

Reason 2: Pre-sale & After-sale Services
  • Spare parts can be supplied timely
  • The customers questions can be answered within 24 hours
  • Be able to provide product profit analysis and cost analysis consulting services, corresponding small complete plant combination and optimization for customers
  • Multilanguage manual book
  • Be able to testing the machine with supplied materials
  • Be able to supply EU Standard Industrial plug
  • Be able to supply equipments meet different volt and frequency from different countries
Reason 3: Grasp Timely and Accurate Information on the Pellet Fuel Market.

Since KMEC has successfully built up more than fifty pellet production lines around the world, we know clearly on the policy, characteristic and quality standard of poultry pellets on different regions, and thus we can recommend the most suitable supplier to you according to your specific need.

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