small poultry feed machinery

In recent years, poultry breeding industry develops fast. Traditional poultry feed cannot meet the requirement now. With the help of poultry feed machinery, you can easily make your own poultry feed pellets at home to accelerate the fast growth of poultry. The feed pellet machine can turn original raw materials into small pellets. The feed pellet mill machine made from KMEC adopts flat die design and has compact structure. So poultry feed mill with flat die is appropriate for home use to make feed pellets. There are two rollers and a die inside the small pellet press. When the machine runs, rollers and die will run to generate great force and high temperature. The great force will compress raw materials into die holes to form small pellets. With a knife cutting them to uniform size, cattle feed pellets are finished. Why do you choose poultry feed machinery from KMEC? Because our machine is equipped with various driven motor to be optional to meet your diverse needs.

Motor-driven type (Model B)
poultry feed machinery

Techanical Parameter:
Type Power(kw) Output(kg/h) Weight(kg) Package Size(mm)
ZLSP 120B Three phase 3 60-100 80-100 750*320*680
ZLSP 150B Three phase 4 90-120 95/110 800*450*700
ZLSP 200B Three phase 7.5 200-300 200/230 1650*820*1200
ZLSP 230B Three phase 11 300-400 290/320 1050*480*930
ZLSP 260B Three phase 15 400-600 320/360 1180*540*1000
ZLSP 300B Three phase 22 600-800 350/380 1240*540*950

Motor-driven type(Model C)
feed pellet machine

Technical Parameters:
Type Power(kw) Output(kg/h) Weight(kg) Package Size(mm)
ZLSP 150C Three phase 4 90-120 105/125 1000*480*780
ZLSP 200C Three phase 7.5 200-300 210/230 1050*550*830
ZLSP 230C Three phase 11 300-400 290/320 1200*560*950
ZLSP 260C Three phase 15 400-600 340/370 1240*580*1000
ZLSP 300C Three phase 22 600-800 425/465 1300*620*1100

Diesel-engine Driven Type (Model A)

feed pellet mill machine
Technical Parameter:
Type Power(Hp) Output(kg/h) Weight(kg) Package Size(mm)
ZLSP 120A 8 60-100 120/140 900*500*730
ZLSP 150A 8 90-120 180/220 1000*500*750
ZLSP 200A 15 200-300 210/240 1460*750*900
ZLSP 230A 22 300-400 280/310 1560*850*1000
ZLSP 260A 30 400-600 330/360 1200*500*1070
ZLSP 300A 55 600-800 410/450 1220*600*1000

Gasoline Engine-driven Type (Model Q)

poultry feed mill with flat die

Technical Parameters:
Type Power(Hp) Output(kg/h) Weight(kg) Package size(mm)
ZLSP 120Q 7.5 60-100 120/140 900*500*730
ZLSP 150Q 10 90-120 180/220 1000*500*750
PTO type (Motor P)

PTO poultry feed machinery

Technical Parameters:
Type Power(Hp) Output(kg/h) Weight(kg) Package size(mm)
ZLSP 150P ≥8 90-120 105/125 900*540*1020
ZLSP 200P ≥15 200-300 210/230 1000*540*1020
ZLSP 230P ≥22 300-400 290/320 1000*540*1020
ZLSP 260P ≥30 400-600 340/370 1050*540*900
ZLSP 300P ≥55 600-800 425/465 1100*540*1000

Why feed pellets made by poultry feed machinery is superior to traditional feed?

► With this machine, you can mix ingredients that the growth of poultry  needs together according to your recipe. When poultry are taking food, they can no longer piddling certain feed or ingredient. This promises the balance of poultry absorbing nutrition.
► As we mentioned above, during pelletizing process, high temperature will be generated. This will make materials ferment and kill some harmful bacteria so that palatability of feed is improved while some disease can be avoid.